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Crooke Marbella

Project Description

My role in this marketing website was to apply a new theme and improve the exisiting content for performance. They wanted a fast website with strong SEO and a high conversion rate on key treatment pages.  I also manage the Adwords campaign in English and Spanish. The website itself is a WordPress website. Google Tag Manager is used to support conversion tracking through the contact forms from Adwords clicks. Google Analytics is also used alongside Adwords to provide goal information on page visits and interactions.  The design is simple and the multi language content was added using WPML for wordpress and onpage SEO was applied to both versions.  

Project Responsibilities

  • Designing a new website style and layout
  • Sourcing stock images and video
  • WordPress development
  • Keyword research & targeting
  • Adwords campaign management
  • Conversion tracking
  • Adding multi-language functionality