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Search Engine Optimisation & PPC

About SEO Services

SEO can be categorized by 4 core services as listed below however there are dozens of more specific services depending on goals and platforms. An example would be “App Store Optimisation” if you have an app on Google Play or the Itunes Store. Another might be “Youtube Video Optimisation”. If any of these services are suitable to your project then I will explain whats involved.  

Onpage Offpage SEO

Keyword Research & Targeting

What Is This?

Onpage SEO is something very simple but is the most common mistake on any website.
There are 2 key parts to this process:

  1. Researching Keyword Phrases (finding your niche)
  2. Applying Targets – Adding page titles, meta descriptions and keyword density

Only after this process has been successfully carried out will you have a true representation of your positions on search engine results. This should always be done first before any Offpage SEO or PPC marketing.

Offpage SEO is difficult to do correctly and when purcasing or exchanging backlinks itrs very important to check link quality and try to obtain links from relevant content. Local Directory SEO is a smaller part of this but essentailly this is sourcing links on powerful yet relevant websites to promote a keyword phrase.

Optimisation & Page Speed

Building Fast Performing Websites

What Is This?

This is part of Onpage SEO but it has become so important in recent years with the growth of mobile users that I consider this to be a isolated task. Page performance and page speed can be determined by media on your server such as banner images and videos. These media types should be optimized for mobile use.

Your website code and weight are also important. If you website is built using WordPress with a lot of plugins then this could be causing your position on Google to suffer.  Heavy and slow websites are penalized by Google so make sure your website performs well. 

Google Adwords (PPC)

Campaign Managment with Conversions

What Is This?

Although Google isnt the only option for Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising it is in general the platform with the largest reach.Twitter, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn all have there own PPC advertising playtforms which is always useful to consider at the start. For example if you were recruiting or selling services B2B then LinkedIn might be a more suitable platform. 

Google Adwords allows you to target potential customers using numerous demographics and through dynamic keywords.  Almost every business could use Google Adwords to advance their business online.


Local Directory SEO

Build An Online Presence

What Is This?

Business Directory websites have been around since the 90’s for quick and easy backlinks to your company website for exposure. Today its much more complicated and Google uses your Business name,address and even basic contact information to build confidence through whats known as “business citation” from trusted sources.

Google My Business GMB is one of these listing services but listing your company locally,nationally or internationally to suit your type of business is also very important.  Building a new website without doing some basic work on Local directory listings is one mistake you cant afford to make. 

What are the differences between onpage and offpage SEO?

Onpage SEO

  • Page Targeting
  • Meta
  • Keyword Density
  • Internal Linking
  • Headings & Alt Tags
  • Accessible Semantic Markup
  • Page Speed & Optimisation
  • Responsive Design

Offpage SEO

  • Organic Link Building
  • Business Citation
  • Local Directory Listings
  • Google My Business
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Backlinks
  • Article Traffic

Organic SEO

Build something from nothing

Getting positioned on the first page of google for your desired keyword phrase is very important.  This i why choosing your keywords and targeting is just as important as all the hard work that goes into being ranked at the top.

Google Adwords PPC

Straight to the top!


Search & Display Advertising with Google Adwords provides fantastic reach to your audience with complete control of when,what and how you display your adverts. Location & language can also factor into how you target potential customers.  You can also advertise on Youtube, within Android apps and games or now on Google Discovery (Google Assistant + Voice Searches) 


Approximately 70% of all web traffic is now on a mobile phone. This is why its important to design your website with a ‘mobile first’ approach. Depending on your product or service it could be advisable to focus your marketing strategy on mobiles too!

My Clients

"Adam’s SEO work and Google Adwords campaigns bring in new customers almost every day. He is very reliable and trustworthy. His knowledge of how to build, design and promote a website is essential to our business operations. I am very pleased that we choose to recruit him as part of the team.“

Tula Crooke

Director Of Marketing And Public Relations, Crooke & Laguna

I've worked closely with Adam for many years. Over that time he has implemented many web design projects as well as SEO projects for our company. Not only will he get the task done but he will also work autonomously and make intelligent suggestions to improve what you deliver. He is vastly experienced in his chosen area and would be an asset to any organisation delivering a web design or SEO project. He comes highly recommended."

John McGuire

Owner, Pulsion Technology Ltd

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