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Other Clients

I have worked with many large companies over my career but the web changes fast and I dont have permission to show some public sector work and data sensitive application work.

My Clients

"Adam’s SEO work and Google Adwords campaigns bring in new customers almost every day. He is very reliable and trustworthy. His knowledge of how to build, design and promote a website is essential to our business operations. I am very pleased that we choose to recruit him as part of the team.“

Tula Crooke

Director Of Marketing And Public Relations, Crooke & Laguna

I've worked closely with Adam for many years. Over that time he has implemented many web design projects as well as SEO projects for our company. Not only will he get the task done but he will also work autonomously and make intelligent suggestions to improve what you deliver. He is vastly experienced in his chosen area and would be an asset to any organisation delivering a web design or SEO project. He comes highly recommended."

John McGuire

Owner, Pulsion Technology Ltd