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Velappity WebApp

Project Description

This project started off as a web application built using AngularJS and Semantic UI. Over a period of 2 years it was redeveloped using the more favourable combination of React + Semantic UI.  I was involded in UX/UI development and intial prototyping key pages within the webapp. I worked closely with a team of developers to improve sections as they were developed brining new features to the functioanlity of this complex web application.  My knowledge of Semantic UI helped speed up the development process and by building felxible semantic layouts to get the most out of the framework.

Velappity is a Risk Assessment and Inspection Application which is adaptable for many industries.  It in cludes asset management and a forms designer that allows end users to build their won inspections forms and even control the final reports using a Microsoft Word plugin. 

Key pages were create/edit and list screens to allow management and field workers full control of custom inspections with different industries using specific controls relative to their business.

Project Responsibilities

  • UX Development
  • Creating Invision prototypes
  • UI Development using React + Semantic UI
  • Creating custom SVG icons
  • Creating assets for Mobile apps (iOS & Android)
  • App Store Optimisation
  • Building marketing website
  • Onpage & offpage SEO
  • Adwords campaign management